I currently have daytime and evening therapy sessions available. Please contact me by email to discuss scheduling and availability.

I am a registered social worker and I provide counselling from an eclectic approach. This enables the client and I to collaborate to find the best avenue for meeting the client’s goals. My practice is trauma informed and the therapeutic approaches I most often gravitate to are cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), EMDR, motivational interviewing, and narrative therapy.

I believe it is important to involve other professionals in the treatment for some issues, such as a family doctor and dietitian. This promotes a team approach to seeking wellness and can improve treatment outcomes. Clients are also encouraged to include their family and/or partner in the therapy process, as needed.

I believe it is incredibly important to gain feedback from my clients to monitor progress and learn thoughts and feelings about the therapy and the therapist. This is called Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT) and is achieved by having clients complete two short questionnaires each session. The purpose of FIT is to improve treatment outcomes for  clients participating in counselling.